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The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society is an organization created and sustained by people who share a common interest in amateur astronomy.  Established in 1981, the club is a meeting place for people in and around the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area with a love of astronomy and our night sky.

In recognition of Baton Rouge's decades-long increase of light pollution, the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society has, through its Light Pollution Committee, devoted itself to the reduction of this kind of pollution that keeps our citizens from seeing the stars that would otherwise populate our night sky -- the birthright of everyone in Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas.

We want to promote outdoor lighting for the Greater Baton Rouge Area that emphasizes:

- Full cutoff fixtures (fixtures that point light only downward)
- Yellow light (between 560-600 nanometers)
- A nighttime measurement of 20 magnitudes per square arc-second on the Highland Road Park Observatory grounds



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