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The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society is an organization created and sustained by people who share a common interest in amateur astronomy.  Established in 1981, the club is a meeting place for people in and around the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area with a love of astronomy and our night sky.
Unfortunately, the stars in our night sky have been disappearing one by one as the effects of light pollution grow.  In an effort to reduce and reverse the light pollution in our community, the Astronomical Society is taking the first steps to inform and educate the community on the adverse effects of light pollution and the ways in which it can be reduced and even eliminated.

What is the difference between Good and Bad Lighting?

Good lighting directs the light down to where it is actually needed.  By simply using lighting fixtures that are properly shielded or directed, the light shines down onto the area that needs to be lit.

Bad lighting allows light to "trespass" where it is not needed.  Any light that falls somewhere other than where it is needed is wasted energy and contributes to light pollution.




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