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Good Lighting Award

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The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society is beginning a campaign to recognize businesses, organizations and individuals that currently have good lighting in place, or that modify existing fixtures to reduce the effects of light pollution.

Potential recipients will be nominated by club members, the general public, or the potential recipient themselves.  Upon receiving a nomination, club appointed individuals will make a night time visit to the facility and determine if they are utilizing appropriate fixtures to help reduce the effects of light pollution in their area.  When possible, pictures of the facility at night will be taken to help determine if lighting fixtures are properly shielded and aimed.

A certificate of recognition will be given to all recipients and we will add pictures of the recipient facilities in the Gallery section of this website. The award will be given on an "As Needed" basis.  It is our dream and goal to be able to give one of these certificates to every business and organization in the Greater Baton Rouge area.




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